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About | Divinity Creative

Divinity Creative contributes incredible energy to my marketing campaign.  Their work is fresh, current, and clean.  Joe and his team are remarkably talented, fun to work with, and their efficiency and responsiveness are astounding.  Each time we meet, the room is buzzing with enthusiasm.  At every turn, they have exceeded my expectations.  As I grow and expand into new market areas, Divinity Creative helps me ensure that my marketing not only keeps pace, but stays one step ahead.

Jennifer Smith

Owner, Precision Intricast


We offer a large number of marketing services ranging from graphic design, website design, business photography, to complete marketing planning and execution. Essentially, we have the ability to create, brand, build and market your product from the ground up. Obviously, most clients need different pieces of this equation at different times, and we are here to help create success at any point along the journey.

We stand by the belief that clarity and class is the cleanest path to your personal goals. We would love to sit down and have a free consultation with you or anyone that you may know.

Customers are great. They buy things from you and allow you to continue operating your business. At Divinity Creative, we help you focus on creating something more important than customers; a community. If you can successfully build a community of people that love to support your brand and who you are, people will take notice and want to be a part of the story. Through strong community involvement, interactive product experiences, and well run social media documentation… you can build an amazing community around your brand that grows stronger than you could have imagined.

Get it? Love it? Hate it? Let’s chat about it!

Joe Klein

Founder | Marketing & Design

Adam Pavis

Graphic Design | Web Design

Kory Miller

Visual Arts | Graphic Design

Bessie Watson