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Divinity Creative | Helping People Succeed

Create a community over customers.

Customers are great. They buy things from you and allow you to continue operating your business. At Divinity Creative, we help you focus on creating something more important than customers; a community. If you can successfully build a community of people that love to support your brand and who you are, people will take notice and want to be a part of the story. Through strong community involvement, interactive product experiences, and well run social media documentation… you can build an amazing community around your brand that grows stronger than you could have imagined.

Get it? Love it? Hate it? Let’s chat about it!


Do you have a brand? Not a logo, a brand. Do you have a proactive plan to take your brand to your target market, telling the story of who you are and why you exist?


There are a lot of companies out there that create websites for businesses like yours. There are few that work directly with the graphic design and photography team to ensure that your website is an experience to each and every visitor.


Back to the “Brand”. We believe in building brands, not a “logo”. A logo is something that you put on a hat, a brand is something that reflects who you are and why you exist.


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Joe and Adam listened to our vision and re-branded our practice beyond our expectations.  They took our marketing from ordinary to extraordinary!  Their ideas are fresh, innovative and eye-catching, which has produced national attention.  We now feel like we can proudly deliver our marketing materials and display our website to our clients, prospects and community.

Carrie Dick

Vice President, Kevin Dick Investments

Divinity Creative takes marketing to a whole new level. They have a unique ability to gain the perspective of my customers and create strategies that fit within those customer needs. Their eye for design and innovative marketing ideas are second to none. Beyond that they communicate with me and serve me better than any other marketing company I have worked with in the past. I always know where things are at. Bottom line they add value to my business on every level!

Grant Botma

Founder, Stewardship

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